In November 29, 2023, David M. Schwartz, counsel of record for Defendant Michael Cohen, filed a motion for early termination of supervised release. Mr. Cohen states that District Court decisions granting early termination of supervised release have been affirmed by the Second Circuit Court. He then cites and describes “three such examples”: United States v. Figueroa-Florez, United States v. Ortiz, and United States v. Amato. The Court pointed out that none of these cases exist as the references appear to be faulty. New counsel entered a notice of appearance on Mr. Cohen’s behalf and stated that they were not able to verify the citations in the initial motion. As a result, Mr. Schwartz has been instructed to provide copies of the three cited decisions to the Court by December 19, 2023, and show cause in writing if he is unable to do so. The Court has reserved judgment on Mr. Cohen’s motion pending the submission. The rest of the cases alluded to in the post can be found in the links.

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