Analysis of Amicus Briefs Backing Petitioner in Trump v. Griswold

[This post is co-authored with Professor Seth Barrett Tillman]

Trump v. Anderson is scheduled to be argued on February 8, 2024. The deadline for topside briefs was yesterday, January 18, 2024. President Trump filed his merits brief. And more than forty amicus briefs were filed. Most of them were filed in support of Petitioner, but a handful were filed in support of neither party. In this post, we will provide an overview of about thirty of the amicus briefs. And we will do so in a fairly expeditious fashion: by reproducing the tables of contents. A good tip for law students: skimming the TOC should provide a precise overview of how a brief will proceed. Of these thirty-odd briefs, about a dozen expressly argue that the President is not an “Officer of the United States.” We list the amicus brief in the order in which they were filed.

Filed on 1/9/24

Brief amicus curiae of Professor Seth Barrett Tillman

Filed on 1/11/24

Brief amicus curiae of Landmark Legal Foundation

Brief amicus curiae of Vivek Ramaswamy

Filed on 1/15/24

Amicus brief of David E. Weisberg

Filed on 1/16/24

Amicus brief of Professor Kurt T. Lash

Amicus brief of Public Interest Legal Foundation and Hans von Spakovsky

Filed on 1/17/24

Amicus brief of 102 Colorado Registered Electors

Amicus brief of Devin Watkins and Charles Watkins

Amicus brief of The League for Sportsmen, Law Enforcement and Defense

Amicus brief of The Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence

Filed on 1/18/24

Amicus brief of The Honorable Peter Meijer

Amicus brief of Judicial Watch, Inc. and Allied Educational Foundation

Amicus brief of James Madison Center for Free Speech

Amicus brief of Kansas Republican Party and 32 Other State and Territorial Republican Parties

Amicus brief of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, and 177 Other Members of Congress

Amicus brief of Professor James T. Lindgren

Amicus brief of Senator Steve Daines & National Republican Senatorial Committee

Amicus brief of Republican National Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee

Amicus brief of Former United States Attorneys

Amicus brief of States of Indiana, West Virginia, 25 Other States, and the Arizona Legislature

Amicus brief of U.S. Term Limits

Amicus brief of The Secretaries of State of Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia

Amicus brief of America’s Future, et al.

Amicus brief of Kansas

Amicus brief of Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida, Inc.

Amicus brief of Gavin M. Wax, New York Young Republican Club Inc., and National Constitutional Law Union Inc.

Amicus brief of Former Attorneys General Edwin Meese III, Michael B. Mukasey and William P. Barr; Law Professors Steven Calabresi and Gary Lawson; Citizens United and Citizens United Foundation

Amicus brief of Chuck Gray, Secretary of State of Wyoming