On December 7, 2023, a federal grand jury brought charges against Hunter Biden for tax evasion on millions of dollars from foreign businesses, in addition to previous charges for drug use and an administrative discharge from the U.S. Navy. The indictment details how Hunter Biden received over $7 million in income from Chinese sources between 2016 and 2020, as well as a substantial salary from the corrupt Ukrainian Burisma Holdings Corporation. The charges detail a four-year scheme to evade federal taxes, including withdrawing money from his company and spending it on an extravagant lifestyle, failing to pay outstanding taxes, and including false deductions on his returns. Despite the possibility of legitimate income, Hunter Biden’s history is riddled with questionable employment, irresponsible spending, and various legal issues. The close relation between Hunter Biden’s activities and his father, President Joe Biden, raises concerns about potential influence from foreign interests seeking to curry favor with the U.S. government. As the House of Representatives is the sole authority for impeachment proceedings, it is their duty to investigate and ensure that the president is not benefiting from bribes paid to his family by foreign entities. Hunter Biden’s troubled past, which includes substance abuse, dubious employment, and legal troubles, reflects poorly on his father, who holds the highest office in the country. The situation warrants further scrutiny to determine if any illegal activities have affected the president or his administration.

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