Evaluating the Republican Presidential Contenders: A Decade Before the Iowa Caucuses

I identify myself as a libertarian conservative with a Reaganite view on foreign policy. With the Iowa Caucuses coming up, I want to evaluate the presidential primary contenders based on my viewpoints. Donald Trump had an economically successful presidency, but his deficit spending and over-borrowing are a major concern. His close ties to Vladimir Putin and his actions following the 2020 election make him unfit to be re-elected. I believe Trump should be allowed on 2024 election ballots, but voters should not support him. On the other hand, Nikki Haley has showcased her strong debate skills and ability to focus on her message. Her foreign policy experience as a former United Nations Ambassador and her support of Ukraine and the Reaganite post Cold War settlement in Europe make her a preferable candidate. She also seeks to cut federal government spending and has a realistic stance on abortion that could help her win suburban female voters back to the GOP. However, she has not been specific about her domestic policy agenda, which is a drawback. Overall, I believe that Donald Trump is unfit to be re-elected President, while Nikki Haley has the potential to be a strong candidate and leader.