By summer 2023, American progressivism was thriving. Democrats held slim majorities in Congress and had passed hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies for various causes. However, much of the funding was allocated to GOP districts, leaving many liberals anxious. The slow growth of blue strongholds has led to significant losses in residents and funds. This has prompted a reflection among liberal thinkers and writers, giving rise to what’s known as the “abundance agenda.” This liberal agenda seeks to clear bureaucratic and political obstacles to progress. However, discussions about the abundance agenda can become quite complicated. Ultimately, the goal of abundance agenda liberalism is to eliminate participation in public policy discussions and clear obstacles faced by useful projects. The road to this utopian vision of abundance involves freeing ourselves from institutions focused on limiting growth. The rise of citizen input in government decisions in the 1970s has led to an anti-growth and anti-bigness movement, which has impacted both state and local policies, making it increasingly challenging to undertake new projects. The growing cost of these policies has led to calls for reform from progressive voices.

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