February 2024 Brickbats: A Unique Perspective

Alabama’s Jefferson County school system suspended a 6-year-old for pointing his finger like a gun while playing cops and robbers. He initially received a class 3 violation, the same one given to students who bring actual weapons to school, later dropped to a class 2 violation. School officials later told local media that only a “discussion with the student” was needed, and not a suspension, but the boy’s father said the class 2 violation remains on his son’s record.

Milford, Massachusetts, police charged two people with keeping a disorderly home, gaming or betting, keeping a place for registering bets, and selling liquor without permits. According to police, Luis Loja-Caguana paved over the backyard at his home and installed two full volleyball courts, where police say he not only hosted volleyball games but ran a betting operation on the games. Police served a search warrant on the property and seized around $10,000 in cash.

A Maricopa County, Arizona, prosecutor fired for falsely charging protesters as gang members said before a State Bar disciplinary hearing that she did nothing wrong, even when she charged a bystander who was not part of the protest. April Sponsel said she still believes nurse Ryder Collins is part of a gang, despite video evidence from both police officers and bystanders showing Collins did not take part in the protest.

(Illustration: Peter Bagge)

Police in Valence, France, ordered a Chamas Tacos restaurant franchise to turn off its sign or face an administrative closure order because the C in the sign is not working, so at night it appears to read “Hamas Tacos.” The owner of the restaurant told loca… (max tokens reached)