Join Our Annual Webathon and Make a Contribution

It’s our annual webathon week, the time when we ask you—our readers, listeners, viewers, and followers—to donate to support Reason. In a world gone more than a little bonkers, Reason offers solid journalism, principled analysis, and a hearty dose of chill.

Today is Giving Tuesday, the day we celebrate the incredible generosity of people who voluntarily give money to support the causes they value. This is in contrast to all other Tuesdays, which are Taking Tuesdays, the days the government takes roughly a third of what you earn and gives it to a lot of causes you probably don’t value at all. Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to stick it to the taxman by making a tax-deductible donation to the 501(c)(3) Reason Foundation. 

What kind of bang do you get for your voluntary buck at Reason? Our enemies certainly think we’re changing the world. Leading populist authoritarian conservative Sohrab Ahmari recently fancifully wrote about the incoming Argentine President Javier Milei: 

Fact check: Reason does not have a Frankenstein lab for libertarian politicians. Yet. It depends on how much you donate! In the meantime, you can read a range of perspectives on Milei in our archives. 

In fact, Reason does get real-world results, even if they are less cinematic than Ahmari imagines. Our journalism has helped reduce unfair sentences, promoted freedom for parents and personal responsibility for kids, and held public health officials accountable for their COVID failures. We’re in your amicus briefs, your law review articles, and your classrooms. And Reason will always stick up for free speech, even when it’s unpopular.

This year we’re hoping to raise $400,000. Your hard-earned dollars can help us meet that goal. There is some pretty cool swag on offer at various giving levels, including Reason socks (so you can rep the brand at shoes-off houses), digital subscriptions (our special Florida issue is hot off the digital presses!), a Reason beanie (BYO tinfoil lining), and a Yeti tumbler (also BYOB). At the top tiers, we’re offering invitations to Reason Weekend for first-timers, plus Zooms and/or lunches with an editor (pick me!). 

You can get the skinny on swag at the donation page.

Donations of any size will get you special access to our annual Ask Us Anything edition of The Reason Roundtable. Include proof of your donation when you submit a question to and you’ll skip the line. Questions (and donations) must be in by Wednesday morning to make the cutoff.

Reason‘s not going anywhere. But with your donation, we can reach new audiences with trustworthy, factual journalism in a world gone moderately mad. Plus, we need to get started on building that lab.