Kansas City Chiefs Fan Files Lawsuit Against Deadspin for Racism Accusations

A young Kansas City Chiefs fan is filing a lawsuit against Deadspin over allegations of racism directed towards him. H.A., a nine-year-old boy who loves the Chiefs and his family’s Chumash-Indian heritage, was targeted by Carron Phillips, a Senior Writer at Deadspin. During a CBS broadcast of a Chiefs-Raiders football game, H.A. was shown for three seconds with his face painted half-red and half-black, as well as wearing a costume headdress. Phillips intentionally omitted the red side of H.A.’s face with the black paint in an article, falsely accusing the child of hating Black people and Native Americans. The Article also accused H.A.’s parents of teaching him hate, which is completely untrue as H.A. did not wear blackface and is part of a family that takes pride in their Native American heritage. Deadspin ignored social media evidence contradicting their narrative and refused to retract or apologize for their defamatory statements. The Armenta Family is seeking justice in holding Deadspin accountable for the damaging lies against H.A. that have caused emotional and real-life harm to the family.