Lawsuit Alleging Antisemitism Filed Against Harvard University, with Claims Involving Harvard Law School

The complaint filed by Kestenbaum v. Harvard (D. Mass. 1-11-24) contains a detailed list of allegations related to hostile environment, breach of contract, and disparate treatment. The complaint highlights instances of antisemitic behavior and violence directed at Jewish students at Harvard, and details the university’s inadequate and inappropriate responses to these incidents. These allegations range from antisemitic harassment by student groups, to violent threats made by individual students, to the University’s failure to impose disciplinary measures on those involved. The complaint also describes mass protests and disruptions on campus, and reports of Jewish students feeling unsafe and harassed.

The complaint alleges that Harvard has allowed student groups to harass Jewish students with impunity, creating an environment of deliberate indifference to antisemitism. In response to specific incidents, the University has been accused of ignoring or downplaying the severity of antisemitic conduct and failing to take appropriate disciplinary action. The complaint also discusses instances where mass protests and invasions of campus buildings have led Jewish students to fear for their safety and well-being.

Overall, the complaint paints a picture of a hostile and unsafe environment for Jewish students at Harvard, and asserts that the University’s handling of these incidents has resulted in disparate treatment of Jewish students compared to other groups on campus. The complaint, filed in early January 2024, provides detailed allegations to support these claims and calls for appropriate legal action against the University.