Lawsuit Filed Against Defendant Claiming “Cancellation” as Their Specialty

The article discusses the case of Couture v. Noshirvan, in which the defendant, Noshirvan, has been accused of targeting and harassing the plaintiff, Jennifer Couture, and her employer, Garramone Plastic Surgery, through a series of TikTok videos. Noshirvan’s niche is described as being focused on “cancel culture,” where he targets individuals who have made mistakes and encourages his followers to harass them. The court allowed Garramone to file an amended complaint due to these allegations, and if the claim of tortious interference is established, it would also constitute civil conspiracy. However, Couture’s civil conspiracy claim was dismissed, stating that it needed more work. The article also discusses a claim against TikTok and ByteDance, TikTok’s parent corporation, which was thrown out under Section 230.

Overall, the article highlights the legal proceedings and claims made against Noshirvan in the case of Couture v. Noshirvan.