Marvel order: This is how you see the MCU’s Avengers films chronologically correct!

Marvel order: This is how you see the MCU's Avengers films chronologically correct!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a celebration for all superhero fans. Newcomers are quickly overwhelmed with 23 films. We tell you the correct order. Superhero films have been around for many decades. Nevertheless, it was only the Marvel Cinematic Universe that succeeded in bringing the spectacular and interwoven stories from the comics to the big screen. Over time, the stories of the Avengers became international cinema events.

The Films That Are There

There are now 23 films in the MCU, many of which can be easily streamed on Disney + . This is of course the perfect opportunity for newbies to immerse themselves in the exciting world of Marvel. However, it is important to watch the films in the correct order. A red thread runs through the entire Marvel universe. You can watch free movies online and discover the Marvel university.

Since Disney + only lists the Marvel titles all over the place, we have summarized the correct and chronological order on this page for you. However, Disney + does not (yet) have the rights to all MCU films, so we’re also telling you where else you can buy or stream the films.

If you don’t want to invest that much time, you will learn from us on the following pages whether you can skip some Marvel films without major gaps in understanding and how necessary the Marvel series are. Last but not least, we explain why films like “Spider-Man: A New Universe” are not part of the MCU.

The Marvel order by year of release

All films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are particularly easy to catch up if you stick to the release order of the Marvel productions. After all, the stories were specifically told in the order in which they were first published. In the further course of the MCU in particular, more and more storylines were spanned across several films, so it is difficult as a career changer. So here you will find the official order of all films from the first 3 phases of the MCU, with which you will have fun for almost 50 hours!

While the Hulk was an important part of Marvel’s film world from the start, the previous way of dealing with the character is a bit out of line because while all the other Avengers of the first hour have already received several individual films, the Hulk has only appeared in the films of other heroes since “The Incredible Hulk”. This is because the character Hulk belongs to Marvel and is therefore allowed to appear in the “Avengers” or “Thor” films, the rights to all “Hulk” solo films are owned by Universal. “Planet Hulk”, an important Hulk story from the comics, was therefore simply processed into “Thor: Decision Day”.

Captain America and More

While the films about Captain America all over the world have his name in their title, Germany is going a different way. The fear that the word “America” might repel German viewers, as it suggests a patriotic self-adulation on the part of the Americans, is probably too great. In fact, the first Captain America film, at that time also with us under the title “Captain America: The First Avenger”, made significantly less money than “Thor” a few months earlier. In the following two productions, Captain America was then made into “The First Avenger” in the title, so that Avengers fans critical of the US could give the films a chance. In the films themselves he is of course called Captain America in Germany, anything else would be a dubbing nightmare!