Repealing Bad Laws: The Reason Why It’s Necessary

Today is Repeal Day—the day we celebrate the end of Prohibition.
Prohibition was dubbed the “noble experiment,” but there was nothing noble about it. 
The federal ban on buying, selling, and producing most alcoholic beverages turned a peaceful, artisan booze trade into a black market run by outlaws and gangs with guns. 
The only good news to this story is that in the end, after more than a decade of disaster and dysfunction, the feds finally gave up, wiping the ban from the books with a new constitutional amendment. 
That’s the way it is with public policy: Often the best way to reform government is just to end bad laws. 
Here at Reason, that’s what we make the case for every single day. 
At Reason, we argue for getting rid of entire federal agencies. We push for eliminating stupid, maddening, and counterproductive zoning laws. We show how top-down bans and mandates make everything worse for everyone. 
The FDA? The FCC? The TSA? Zoning? The Jones Act? The chicken tax? Yep. Even the chicken tax. 
We don’t need any of that nonsense! Let’s have a Repeal Day for all of it. 
We make these arguments with data, dispassion, and reasoned argument. But sometimes we do have to yell a little bit
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Even better: Your donation will be matched, thanks to a generous donor. In drink terms, you can think of it as ordering a single pourbut getting a double on the house. 
We also make the case against new bad laws—especially those that, like Prohibition, try to stop you from doing, consuming, and enjoying stuff that’s already legal and fun. 
When politicians try to outlaw PornHub, TikTok, Four Loko, or strawberry-flavored vapes, we’re on your side too. 
Prohibition has been over for nearly a hundred years. But the Prohibitionists aren’t letting up. Neither are we. 
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