Ron DeSantis: Championing Freedom as his Campaign Message

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is ending his bid for a general election campaign. DeSantis stated, “This country must choose freedom over failure” during a debate. He was involved in a lawsuit related to a First Amendment issue and made attempts to restrict free expression rights of certain groups. DeSantis’ campaign was inconsistent as he advocated for more freedom and yet attempted to seize control of school curriculums and expand government power. As a former backbench congressman, DeSantis had been a part of the “tea party” movement that advocated for smaller government. He also supported plans to balance the budget and reform entitlement programs. However, as governor, DeSantis expanded government and earned a reputation for tax-funded political stunts.
DeSantis’ campaign failed to connect with voters, and he struggled to convey a forward-looking vision with a cohesive platform. His lack of concrete policy proposals and an inability to differentiate himself as an alternative to Trump contributed to his struggle. Despite his withdrawal, DeSantis remains in a favorable position to return to the national political stage, given his relatively young age and position as governor of Florida.