Support Ukraine’s Military by Seizing Russian Government Assets

The Bank of Russia (NA) is facing a political debate regarding Western aid to Ukraine against Russian aggression, and the financial burden on Western taxpayers. Confiscating $300 billion in Russian state assets in the West to fund Ukraine’s defense is being considered as an option. The frozen assets are mainly located in EU nations, with $5 billion in the US. The $300 billion is equivalent to two years of total Western assistance to Ukraine. Confiscation of Russian assets is argued by experts as a moral and pragmatic step that can benefit the Russian people and help end the war. There are legal and policy-related objections, but experts argue that those can be addressed. The proposal includes measures to safeguard private property rights and due process while targeting Russian state assets. The sovereign immunity principle is also challenged, with experts arguing that it should not shield authoritarian states like Russia from having their assets confiscated. The benefits of confiscating Russian assets are highlighted, along with the potential for deterring other authoritarian rulers from similar actions. The moral justification of the cause is emphasized, stating that support for Ukrainian resistance is only viable if it is viewed as a just cause.