Today, Judge Robert Pitman (W.D. Tex.) decided Coalition for Independent Technology Research v. Abbott. The case involved a challenge to Texas’s TikTok ban, specifically regarding its application to public university faculty, who are both academics and public employees. The ban is a limitation on the use of TikTok on state-provided devices and networks . The Court found that Texas’s TikTok ban is not a restraint on public employee speech, as it applies even to public university faculty, who are entitled to special considerations under the law. The Court also stated that the ban is a reasonable restriction on access to TikTok in light of Texas’s concerns, particularly its data privacy worries. Additionally, the ban is viewpoint-neutral, as it applies to all public employees. The ban was also deemed reasonable, as it only limits TikTok use on state devices and networks while leaving access available on personal devices and non-state networks. Therefore, the Court upheld Texas’s TikTok ban. Christina Cella and Todd A. Dickerson represented the state in the case.

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