In this year’s first episode of The Reason Roundtable, editors Peter Suderman and Katherine Mangu-Ward welcome special guests Elizabeth Nolan Brown and Zach Weissmueller to make predictions for 2024 and take one last look at 2023.

02:31—2024 predictions

20:08—Lessons from 2023

32:05—Assorted resolutions

36:32—Weekly Listener Question

43:22—State officials attempt to remove Donald Trump from the ballot.

46:24—This week’s cultural recommendations

Mentioned in this podcast:

“The Year of Bad Vibes,” by Liz Wolfe

“Prediction: 2024 Will See Deadly Political Violence in the Streets,” by Matt Welch

“Was Biden’s Social Media Meddling Illegal?” by Zach Weissmueller

“Florida Gov. Scott Rejects Federal Funding for Flawed Orlando to Tampa High-Speed Rail Plan,” by Robert Poole

Just Asking Questions podcast

“Milei Brings His Chainsaw to Argentina’s Regulatory State,” by Katarina Hall

“1972: The Year That Made 2018 Seem Sane,” by Brian Doherty

“Jeb Bush: What He Thinks of Trump, Biden, DeSantis, and ‘Florida Man,'” by Nick Gillespie

“Who Decides Whether Trump Can Run, and What Sort of Evidence Suffices?” by Jacob Sullum

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Audio production by Ian Keyser; assistant production by Hunt Beaty.

Music: “Angeline,” by The Brothers Steve

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