The 2024 Presidential Election: A Crowded Ballot of Third Party Candidates

The upcoming presidential poll will not be totally accurate. Polls right now only list major candidates, but there are many candidates not included in the polls. RFK Jr., a presidential candidate with high favorability ratings, is polling higher than any nontraditional presidential candidate since 1992. No Labels, a centrist nonprofit, is getting ready and considering well-known figures like Sen. Joe Manchin and Chris Christie. Other candidates, like Jill Stein and Libertarian Party candidates, are aiming to be on ballots in as many states as possible. The Libertarian Party has more third-party registrations and is expecting to be on the ballot in 48 states. Ballot access is a major challenge for third-party candidates and has stringent rules and deadlines in each state. RFK Jr. has the advantage of sufficient funding for ballot access and has petitioned outside polling places to gather voter signatures. New York and Illinois are particularly difficult states for third-party candidates to obtain ballot access. No Labels is still unsure how they may compete in the election, but they are aiming to be on the ballot in 32 states and will decide on a ticket by March. The Green Party also aims to be on the ballot in as many states as possible and has a larger financial base than No Labels. Anti-No Labels strategies have been discussed in a meeting attended by political professionals.