The Controversy Surrounding University Presidents: Fareed Zakaria’s Perspective

The American universities have shifted away from pursuing excellence to prioritize diversity and inclusion, resulting in a neglect of academic merit. What began with good intentions of providing access to education for students of all backgrounds has transformed into a dogmatic ideology. This has led to the focus on political and social engineering in universities rather than academic achievement. The culture of diversity has given rise to practices such as safe spaces, trigger warnings, micro aggressions, and speech codes. This has led to questions from Jewish groups about why these practices do not apply to them. University administrators are struggling to address this issue after having prioritized the comfort and safety of certain student groups over others for so long. University presidents find themselves unable to clearly articulate the importance of free expression of ideas and the protection of offensive speech while also condemning harassment and intimidation. This shift in ideology has put university presidents under scrutiny. The whole article is definitely worth reading to gain a deeper understanding of this issue.

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