The Final Frontier of Liberalism

In December, WPA Intelligence, a public research firm, issued a survey with significant implications for media, entertainment, and government. The survey asked 1,000 registered voters which media personalities they trusted, with the findings revealing podcast host Joe Rogan in second place, ranking just ahead of Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro, and not far from CNN anchor Jake Tapper. In first place, with 40 percent, including the highest ratings among political independents, is comedian Bill Maher. Maher is known for his work with HBO’s Real Time, where he has hosted since 1992. Maher has been known for providing a platform to both sides of the political spectrum, as well as being a vocal advocate for old-school liberalism. He has also been a proponent for the recreational use of marijuana and has discussed his stance on various social and political issues. Reason’s Matt Welch interviewed Maher on January 5 about his views on free speech and his recent interactions with Kanye West. Maher also discussed his take on political correctness and the state of comedy, stating that he has not changed throughout his career.