Cory Clark, a behavioral scientist and a team of researchers from different disciplines, discovered that the increasing censorship in the sciences is mainly driven by scientists themselves for pro-social causes. Some critics believe that privileged groups only advocate for free speech when it affects them and are unconcerned when marginalized groups are censored. However, selective concern in either direction is not the appropriate response. Laws against hate speech and restrictions on offensive language often end up targeting minority groups and restricting civil rights activism. Faculty members aligned with the left, especially women and minorities, are more likely to face repercussions for their views. Censorship almost always favors the powerful and is enforced by those in power against those with less power. Attempts to promote diversity and inclusion sometimes alienate immigrant, racial and ethnic minority, and low-income communities due to the dominance of progressive elites. The goal should be to liberate everyone with principled actions, not to respond to hypocrisy with further hypocrisy.

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