The Ongoing Confinement of Julian Assange: A Question of Freedom

Julian Assange was arrested after Ecuador’s president revoked his political asylum, and he was transferred to London’s Belmarsh Prison, a maximum security facility. Amnesty International has compared Belmarsh to Guantanamo Bay, and reports emerged quickly after his imprisonment, detailing his deteriorating health. For over four and a half years, he has been held in Belmarsh Prison while the U.S. seeks his extradition, and has not been able to attend court in person since January 2021. His health has declined during this time, and he is only able to receive visits once or twice a week. Stella Assange, his wife, discusses the difficulties of visiting him with their young children and explains how she has told them that their father is being held unjustly. She also addresses the Swedish sex charges against him, which she believes were unsupported, and the hostility towards him in U.S. media. She emphasizes the impact of his imprisonment on his health and family life, and the ongoing fight for his freedom.