The Potential Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Politics: A Hypothetical Exploration

Prof. Donald Tobin (Maryland) posted this to a discussion list I’m on, and kindly agreed to let me publish it. I am writing practice exam questions for my students in election law. I asked Chat GPT to write a campaign commercial for a fictional character, Ray Sunshine, that didn’t expressly advocate for his election. It made me chuckle, so I thought I would share it. [* * *] [Opening scene: A bright, sunny morning in a bustling town. The camera pans over a picturesque landscape filled with smiling people going about their daily lives. A cheerful, uplifting music track begins.] Narrator (Voiceover): “In a world that often feels divided and uncertain, we all yearn for a ray of hope.” [Cut to Ray Sunshine, a charismatic and warm-hearted individual, standing amidst a diverse group of people, shaking hands and exchanging warm greetings. He’s wearing casual attire, exuding approachability.] Narrator (Voiceover): “Meet Ray Sunshine, a person who brings warmth, positivity, and kindness wherever he goes.” [Cut to scenes of Ray engaging with people from all walks of life: shaking hands, hugging children, chatting with seniors, and helping in community activities.] Narrator (Voiceover): “Ray has a unique gift, an ability to brighten even the darkest of days.” [Images show Ray visiting hospitals, schools, and volunteering at local charities, spreading happiness and positivity.] Narrator (Voiceover): “He’s not just a politician; he’s a friend to all, a neighbor who cares deeply for his community.” [Cut to Ray addressing a diverse audience at a town hall, speaking passionately about the importance of unity, compassion, and working together.] Narrator (Voiceover): “Ray believes that the strength of a nation lies in its people, and he’s committed to fostering unity and understanding.” [Show Ray engaged in thoughtful discussions with people from different backgrounds and walks of life.] Narrator (Voiceover): “He listens, he learns, and he leads with empathy.” [Scene transitions to Ray standing in front of an American flag, the sun shining brightly behind him.] Narrator (Voiceover): “Ray Sunshine, a beacon of hope, a force for positive change.” [Closing scene: A group of people from various backgrounds join Ray, forming a circle and raising their hands, symbolizing unity.] Narrator (Voiceover): “Together, we can embrace a brighter future, one filled with compassion, kindness, and unity.” [On-screen text: “Ray Sunshine—Bringing Hope to America.”] Narrator (Voiceover): “Join the movement for a better tomorrow, because when we come together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.” [Screen fades to black, and the campaign logo appears with the message: “Join the Sunshine Movement.”] [End of commercial.] As they say, “I have seen the future, and it is broken” (a play on this nonsense). The post AI and Politics (Though Just Hypothetical for Now) appeared first on