The Year 2023: A Year of Negative Energy

2023 was a year full of bleak news and challenging circumstances. The year was marked by an increase in inflation, which led to higher interest rates and more difficulty affording basic essentials for everyday Americans. Workers across various industries and sectors went on strike, echoing the French model of protest. Cities across the United States faced rising crime rates and population declines, while the presidential administration of Joe Biden and the actions of former president Donald Trump also faced criticism.

The Republican field also faced criticism, and international conflict added to the global turmoil. While politics seemed bleak, there were bright spots in the advancement of artificial intelligence, space exploration, and urban development. The year also saw a pushback against woke culture and a return to business in several realms.

The author herself had a busy year, returning from maternity leave and launching a new show while also experiencing personal changes. Despite the challenges of 2023, she remains hopeful for the future and the positive developments that lie ahead.