Types of Metal Business Cards?

If you are considering making metal business cards for your company, you will have to get them designed by professionals. At Metal Kards there are various options you can consider while designing your cards. You can choose an embossed foil print with painted edges that will look bold and minimalistic at the same time. Surface etched cards can contain your text and logo in cut-outs which will look unique. You can choose from a variety of finishes as well. Silver metal, black metal, gold, copper, and more. Combining different finishes, textures, and engraving options can help you design a card that truly looks unique.

When it comes to engraving and cutouts there is no limit to the creativity you can apply in your design. As metal is more durable than paper, you have a lot more design choices available to you. You will find that metal cards have extreme untapped potential in enhancing your brand image.

After seeing what metal cards are capable of, you will realize that regular paper cards are just plain and boring. The best thing about metal cards is that their look and feel makes them stand out from 90% of business cards that you will find lying around. What this means is that every time you hand over your card to someone, you are bound to leave a lasting impression on them. And since your card will be made of metal, there’s a very good chance that they will hold onto your card for longer.

A business card that stays with its recipient for longer has a better chance of making them remember you. When compared to regular cards, metal cards are able to make your name, business, and your details far more memorable. This makes metal cards much more effective than any regular business card.