Judge Price, Chief Judge Glasgow, and Judge Veljacic recently decided the case of State v. Shreve. Shreve attended a party at a hotel in March 2022 and got into a physical altercation with another person. When confronted by a security guard, Shreve drew a knife and tried to attack. Police were called to the scene, and Shreve was subdued by Officer Hannity using a taser. Shreve pleaded guilty to second degree burglary, and was sentenced to one day of confinement and twelve months of community custody. However, the court found that the community custody condition prohibiting Shreve from having any “hostile contact w[ith] law enforcement/first responders” was unconstitutionally vague and could not be enforced. The court also ruled that the restriction violated Shreve’s free speech rights. Lise Ellner represented Shreve in this case.

The full article can be seen on Reason.com.

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