Unemployment Caused by Government Policies: A Devastating Consequence for Individuals

Judge Stephen Vaden (U.S. Ct. of Int’l Trade) in CVB, Inc. v. U.S.ade> upheld the Commission’s final affirmative injury determination in an investigation of mattresses. The Commission contacted the court to express concerns that the opinion revealed confidential business proprietary information. The court rejected the Commission’s request to conceal the confidential information to protect public access to judicial proceedings. The Commission took a similar position in a previous case involving fertilizer imports, with the court holding a public oral argument with a confidential session at the end if necessary. Multiple media outlets reported on the decisions, and senators publicly commented on the Commission’s handling of the petitions. The court emphasized the importance of transparency in the judicial system and denied the Motion to Retract due to the failure to follow the court’s rules and object to non-confidential statements.