Unlabeled Voters Will Determine Biden and/or Trump’s Fate Post Super Tuesday

No Labels, a political nonprofit established in 2010, is trying to remind people of its existence as the presidential primary season gears up. The centrist group suggested that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie might be a good No Labels nominee, despite his previous criticism. Maryland’s Larry Hogan, also a former governor, recently resigned from No Labels’ board, leading to speculation about a 2024 presidential bid. The organization is working to assemble a list of 13 possible candidates for the election, with the aim of fielding a unity ticket with both a Democrat and Republican. No Labels believes this approach could lead to victory. The group has seen a promising trend for third parties and independents in the 2024 political environment. Senator Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.) is reportedly considering a presidential run and is expected to meet with President Joe Biden soon to discuss his future plans. No Labels also has ballot access in at least 14 states and aims to expand its reach to other states before the election. The current political climate has seen growth in the number of independent voters, with an increasing share of the electorate identifying as independents rather than affiliated with a major party. The organization believes that it is well-positioned in light of this trend. However, the group’s strategy has drawn criticism for being incoherent, and it remains uncertain whether a No Labels candidate could be successful in a presidential election.